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RDM have been manufacturing Paint and Powder Coating Plant for over 65 years, we offer the largest and most comprehensive range in the U.K. including Waterwash and Dryfilter Booths and reverse jet and pulse type powder plants. No wonder we say 'Experience our Experience'
RDM has become the number one manufacturer of Industrial Ovens & Driers by being able to offer both a huge standard range of modular Ovens as well as precision controlled specialist Ovens at very competitive prices. Our CNC techniques ensure rapid delivery. We really are 'Curing the World'
Our motor control range is headed up by our innovative 'DRIVLOC' Electronic D.C. Injection Motor Braking system. This system, first developed by an RDM subsidiary in the 1960's has prevented countless thousands of industrial accidents by stopping a huge range of machines in the shortest possible time. So there's no need to 'Lose your Shirt!'
Our machinery safety division offers a unique service to industry. We can design, manufacture and Install completely individual machine guarding and enclosure solutions at a very sensible cost. By utilising our modular CAD/CAM approach, one off designs can be accommodated in a way that was previously impractical. Our machinery safety expertise is a symbiosis of our Motor Stopping Systems division and our Sub Contract Manufacturing with over 40 years experience, so we really can say 'No one else has put this much time into safety'!
Pretreatment Plant
Before metal parts can be coated they must first be prepared! RDM manufactures a comprehensive range of pretreatment plants, both for dipping parts in or for spray washing parts on line. We manufacture all types of Phosphate and Solvent type systems. They really are 'Ingenious engineered Solutions'!
Our Sub Contract Service begins with a CAD design studio and includes full CNC punching and folding capability, steel fabrications, assembly and testing, electrical controls and Installations and in-house Painting and Powder Coating. So now we really can do the lot 'From start to Finish'!

RDM Industrial Services Ltd was founded in 1951 and after more than 65 years successful trading remains under the original family ownership and management.

Our Company aim is to offer well engineered, excellent value products that are backed up by our excellent after sales support team. By carrying out all of the design and manufacturing 'in house' we are able to ensure consistent high quality and fast delivery.

We genuinely believe that buying from us should be just the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship. The many 1000's of Clients who return to us over periods of many years are a pleasing testament to that.

Our Impressive factory in Stakehill, Manchester

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