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Powder Coating;

What is Powder Coating ?

Powder coating is an alternative, environment friendly method of applying Paint.
Normally, to apply a 'wet' Paint, solvents are required to allow the Paint to become a liquid thus allowing it to be applied to the object to be Painted the solvent also make the paint sticky, causing it to adhere to the surface.

Conveyor Oven
With Powder Coating, only the Paint solids are sprayed onto the product, in an atomised powder form.
The Powder is drawn to the product and adheres to the product due to an electrostatic charge applied to the Powder during spraying.

Powder Coated Parts Leave the Oven
The Product, thus covered with the Powder Paint is then heated (to around 200 degrees Centigrade) in an Oven, wherein the powder fuses (melts) on to the product and thus forms a smooth, tough and resilient coating.

Conveyorised Powder Booth
Click on the image to see a movie of a Powder Plant

Here you can download RDM brochures relevant to Powder Coating

Reverse Jet Cartridge Booths for simple Powder Extraction
Traditional Cyclone Booths for Powder Extraction and Recovery
Ovens for Powder Curing and Drying
Waterwash Booths for simple, lowest cost Powder Extraction
In Line Pre-Treatment Cleaning Plant
Dip Tank Pre-Treatment Cleaning Plant

What are the benefits or Powder Coating?

High Quality. Because the powder is fused onto the product, it has excellent scratch resistance properties. It also has a pleasing 'smooth' appearance and forms a sealed skin around the product thus minimising corrosion risk.
Powder Booth

Recoverable. Unlike wet paint, 'Over spray' powders can be collected and re-used! When you consider that in any paint spraying system, only around 50% of the paint for powder) actually lards on the job, then large savings are clearly possible if the over spray can be re-used.

Powder Recovery System

Simple Automation. Because powder is applied electrostatically, is fully recoverable and is easily cleaned away, powder is ideally suited to simple, automatic application thus minimising labour requirements.
Simple Automation is possible with Powder Coating !

Typical RDM Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Plants
Click on the images to the right to see a manual setup in operation
These plants offer simple parts handling, compact Ovens, low run cost booth and stripping tanks

Typical RDM Conveyorised Powder Plant

These plants are available in a huge range of types and sizes to suit different product size and throuputs.

Powder Coat Plant Pretreatment System

One coat application. For most applications, a single thick powder application is quite possible. This eliminates the need for primers, multi-coat-wet painting and for rubbing down between coats.
High Speed Colour Change Booth

Environment friendly with no Solvents. It is therefore, safer to use and more easily complies with all current and proposed environmental legislation.

Conveyorised Plant
Powder Controls
Batch Oven
Shuttle Oven

Clean. Spillages, overspray, etc., can literally be vacuumed

What do you need to get Powder Coating?

Spraybooth: The first requirement of any Powder Coating System is a Spraybooth in which to apply the Powder. This serves a number of functions:
1) It ensures that oversprayed Powder is ventilated away from the Operator(s)
2) It provides extraction to prevent Powder escaping into the factory areas
3) It collects the Powder and can provide facility for reclaiming overspray Powder

Powder Booth Schematic Layout
Typical Powder Booth Layout

Curing Oven : All Powders cure at high temperatures, usually between 160 and 220 Centigrade. Therefore an Oven is required to place the parts after they have been sprayed.
A number of types of Oven are available, including:

1) Box Type Ovens, into which the product may be wheeled or carried.

Combined Waterwash Booth and Oven

2) Conveyorised Ovens, whereby the product is hung from a motorised track which passes through the Oven.
Digital Controls

Powder Spraying System:
The Spraying System is the device that applies the Powder. This is often called the 'Powder Gun' and serves the following functions:
1) It has a system for storing new and recycled Powder, often this may be the Box in which it is delivered from the supplier.
2) It fluidises the Powder i.e. it gently blows air into the Powder, effectively bestowing it with the characteristics of a liquid.
3) It has a nozzle system which allows the Powder to be blown onto the product.
4) It has an Electrostatic charging system which charges the Powder Particles causing them to be attracted to the part requiring coating.

Pre- Treatment : Before a Powder finish can be successfully applied, the surface of the item to be painted should be clean and meticulously free from any type of oil or grease contamination.
1) To remove this contamination from the product it is usual for metal products to be 'Pre-Treated' prior to either a Paint or a Powder coating being applied.
2) The RDM Aqueous Combined Degrease/Phosphate Plants are ideally suited to 'Pre Treating' metal products, with the degrease chemicals removing any oils and the phosphate chemical providing the chemical reaction to provide an ideal surface key.

Aqueous Pretreatment Plant Schematic

The RDM "Modular" Powder Coating Booth System is a World First. For the first time the customer can choose any size or style of work or operator openings to suit their needs and they only pay for a booth by its overall size. The use of CAD and flexible manufacturing has made this possible at an incredible price.

roll on roll off powder booths

Click on the image to see a movie

Typical Roll on Roll off Powder Booth Installation.

Customers can choose between a low cost galvanised finish. a superb epoxy powder coated finish or our top quality all stainless steel construction.
RDM manufactures a large range of high efficiency cyclones and powder afterfilters to suit different extraction duties.

Manual Powder Booth

The RDM range of all Modular Powder Coating Booths offers the best possible combination of maximum operator safety, powder recovery, efficiency and economy. By replacing the traditional 'custom' design and build method with a simple modular concept,
RDM can supply a powder system to meet the most demanding delivery and budget requirements.

The systems can be delivered in simple kit form to enable our engineers to erect and install on site with the minimum disruption.


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