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Before a Paint finish can be successfully applied, the surface of the item to be painted should be clean and meticulously free from any type of oil or grease contamination.
The Wash Plants often incorporate De-Mineralised Water Rinses
To remove this contamination from the product it is usual for metal products to be 'Pre-Treated' prior to either a Paint or a Powder coating being applied.
'Pre-treatment' has additional importance when Powder Coatings are to be applied to a product.
Efficient Gas Burners firing into immersion tubes usualy provide the heating source
Because Powder coatings exhibit higher cohesion properties and lower adhesion properties than Wet paints, the coating tends to be tougher than with Wet Paint systems but its adhesion to the product tends to be lower.
Ideally therefore the metal surface should be prepared chemically so that it presents an ideal 'key' for the powder to successfully adhere.
Superb modular construction systems are empoyed
Multiple conveyer systems are available
The RDM Aqueous Combined Degrease/Phosphate Plants are ideally suited to 'Pre Treating' metal products, with the degrease chemicals removing any oils and the phosphate chemical providing the chemical reaction to provide an ideal surface key.
RDM Pretreatment Plants Clean Metal Parts
Systems incoprorate Aqueous Washing machine and drying tunnel

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The vast majority of contemporary RDM Pre-treatment systems utilise the designs shown. The product is hung from a motorised conveyer which conveys it through typically a large robust Tunnel arrangement. The Tunnel comprises of a series of zones or Stages each with a different function.

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Complete On Line Plant Schematic Layout

Dip Plant Plant Schematic Layout
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Conveyorised Pretreatment Plant Brochure

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Dip Tank Pretreatment Plant Brochure

The Inlet and Outlet Vestibule Zones ensure that as Products enter or leave the Plant, the Sprayed Aqueous solution does not escape. The Heated Zones comprise of a holding tank beneath the Plant. This tank is Heated by means of a fuel burner or steam. The Hot Solution or Water is drawn from the tank by a pump and fed to a precisely spaced set of spray nozzles around the product. As the product passes through the Fine Spray it is cleaned, phosphated or rinsed. The liquid runs back into the tank for recirculation and filtration. Drain zones between the Stages reduce the risk of cross contamination. Following Aqueous Pre treatment, products usually pass through a forced hot air recirculation dry off Oven. This system requires a minimum amount of operator input and so it is ideally suited to conveyorisation and automation.
Aqueous Pretreatment Plant Schematic

Process Features

Totally free of Hazardous Chlorinated Solvents, C.f C.s or Flammable chemicals.
Auto pH Dosing system

Both mechanical (spray) and chemical cleaning actions.
Stainless Steel Tank

Easily conveyorised.

Minimal effluent Treatment requirement with Iron Phosphate.

Minimal Health & Safety hazards.
Minimal operator labour input required.
Adjustable Pump Set

Choices of Dipping or Spraying application, Iron or Zinc Phosphating Solutions, Separated Cleaning and Phosphating Zones or Combined Chemical Zones.

Hot or cold final rinses.
End Product Inlet

Ideal for medium to high volume cleaning operations.

Firing Tube System
Immersed Tube Heating systems available
Pump Inlet Filters

Plant Features

Tanks fabricated from robust mild or stainless steel plate of double welded construction.
Chemical dip tank

Powerful Steam Extraction System on Inlet and Outlet Vestibules.
Stainless Pretreatment Plant

Automatic ball valve water filler with direct 'quick fill' pipework connection.
Painted Steel Pretreatment Plant

Circulating pumps of iron construction with stainless steel impellers.
Electronic Controls

ABS Copolymer spray pipes with removable 'vee' jet nozzles.
Full Gridded Floor

Optional Automatic Chemical Dosing System, drain off Pump System and fully programmable controllers.
Stainless Steel Systems

Superb quality RDM matching Dry-off Ovens are available to suit.

Gas controls to current Gas Board specifications.
Synoptic Control Panels

Heated sections insulated with Rockwool insulation.
Stainless Pump Set

Fully comprehensive control panel. Choice of Gas, Oil, Electric or Steam Heating.

12 month warranty

We Build a full range of Dip Plants to suit both Solvent and Non-Solvent Cleaning, Plants are usually built from Hi-Grade Stainless Steel.
Tanks being Tig welded in our advanced manufacturing facility in England. All tanks feature rim extraction.
Tanks incorporate the latest safety features including low solvent shut off ( as shown ) and overtemperature protection as standard.
Solvent Plants include a distillation unit to allow clean solvent to be extracted from the cooling system.
Solvent Plants incorporate a roller type top cover and extended freeboard height.
All heated Plants feature full digital temperature control and comprehensive control systems.



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